Wargirl: World Garage Disco Funk from California

I’m not sure how I stumbled upon Wargirl, but I have been listening to them since the beginning. While the three women/three men band might be based in California, they actually travel and play a lot in various countries in Europe and Central America. Their global focus influences their music, to the point that it is a bit hard to describe exactly what they do sound like. They say something like “world music/garage disco/rock” – and that works. It was hard to pick a favorite song to feature in the video at the end of the post as well.There is the slow, groovy coolness of “How You Feel,” the driving bass of “Poison,” the disco boogie of “Little Girl“… the list goes on and on. I decided to go with “Poison” because it seems to capture everything that works well with the band in one song.

Add to that the fact that guitarist Matt Wignall has a long history before this band in photography and video work, so you can always count on a great visual aspect for their videos and albums. I have four albums of theirs on vinyl – their most recent (Dancing Gold) is a good place to start. Or any of the others. The band (like many) was dormant during the pandemic, but we are starting to see more signs of occasional life on their Facebook page.


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