Project Home Page

The goal of this website is to demonstrate a Technology-Based Learning Environment of the future. The system modeled here is an example of a networking learning system that connects Personal Learning Environments together into a Personal Learning Network. We have created several open courses to demonstrate the potential of student-centered learning and social constructivism. A link to each course can be found on the right.

At the top of this page you will find some examples of aggregation pages that pull content from across the courses into one place. These can be useful for highlighting the work of individual students, faculty publications, specific courses, or even school-wide organizations. These are just a few examples that are based on the work of students in courses. The system we model here can be used for many other purposes, such as faculty profile pages, student e-portfolios, department news pages, social spaces for campus organizations, and really any other way that schools currently use websites.

The bar on the left side of the page contains links to more information about the design of this site, as well as links to the organizations that are currently working on this system in order to bring the future of technology-based learning into the present.

An Example of a Future Technology Based Learning Envronment