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This page includes the course content. The course is divided into 12 levels, the content of each level is series of video lectures constructed by  Dr. Kevin Werbach from University of Pennsylvania and offered through Coursera, a Massive Open Education Course platform. The course requires 4-8 hours of work / level covered in 12 weeks. Once you complete one, you can can proceed to the next level.

Start and Enjoy!

Level # 2. Games
Level # 3. Game Thinking
Level # 4. Game Elements
Level # 5. Psychology and Motivation (I)
Level # 6. Psychology and Motivation (II)
Level # 7. Gamification Design Framework
Level # 8. Design Choices
Level # 9. Enterprise Gamification
Level # 10. Social Good and Behavior Change
Level # 11. Critiques and Risks
Level # 12. Beyond the Basics

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