Gamification techniques strive to leverage people’s natural desires for competition, achievement, status, self-expression, altruism, and closure. 
Learning In a Networked World is an open class that can be taken at any time by any group of learners. Adding a gamification layer to the course will motivate you to strive and do it to the max in joyful environment . What you need is a self- confidence, a good computer, a solid Internet connection, and a group of people to motivate you to progress.

Learning Goal

The goal of this class is to examine the mechanism of gamification and provides an understanding of its effective use.


  • Given access to a gamified online course, learners will complete 12 competitive assignments  to reflect their motivation and learning progress during 12 weeks.
  • Given access to video lectures from Coursera (a Massive Open Online Course platform), learners will  get a high quality course content to enhance their understanding of gamification.
  • Given access to  Twitter, learners will use their connections to share knowledge and  accomplish the requirement of course assignments.
  • Given a set of resources and blogs to gain information from, learners will comment and linkback to their blogging network .

Weekly Assignments

The rubrics of weekly assignments will be post a long with each level. Be prepared to progresses, as you will be expected to learn how to become self learner. There will be three things required of you each week:

  1. Watch the video lecture posted on the level page.
  2. Accomplish the weekly tasks associated with the level, the earlier, the better.
  3. Most of the assignment will be directed to tweet a quote from the lecture and write a blog reflection of your experiences for the week. This blog will be set up the first week if you do not already have one.

Since you will be participating (blogging and tweeting) on open platforms. Please make yourself aware of all privacy issues regarding the information you share on those sites, and take steps to secure your data or create alternative identities to mask your true identity if security is a concern for you.


Rubrics will be posted with each level. These will be more open than typical rubrics, allowing you freedom to tailor the assignments to your personal interests. It is suggested that you seek peer feedback for your work in order to hone your work.

Class Overview


The grade will be counted according to:

  1. Posting your assignment (blogs and tweets) on time
  2. The quality of your post ( specified in the rubric for each level). Best rated post will account for badges
  3. The immediacy of the post (earlier post will deserve extra points and badges)
  4. Supporting classmates to do their assignments (counted for extra points and badges)

Blug-in to set yourself in the class..

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