New Technologies That Probably Won’t Change the World, but are Pretty Cool

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I’m usually pretty skeptical about claims to “change the world” – I mean, in all honesty you might cause a shift in one aspect of the world. But still… there are a lot of interesting innovations in the world that are moving forward that might make for some cool changes in the future. I know the video I embedded above comes across more as a UFO or Bigfoot expose “documentary,” but get past that and you will get summaries of where various emerging technologies currently stand – and where they are possibly headed in the future:

  • Graphene
  • GPS 3
  • Floating Farms
  • Self-Healing Concrete
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cells
  • Lithium Metal Battery
  • 3D Printing
  • Fighting Fire with Sound
  • Quantum Computing

Some of the trends here they don’t really explore beyond the “wow, cool!” stage. GPT-3 is generally not as far along as the video makes it seems, despite what proponents of AI in Education might want you to believe. AI is probably just never going to become a conscience that can perform deep learning. They also gloss over the privacy problems with connected homes. And block-chain… has some really huge issues. Not just the ones you might have heard in the news recently… there have been major concerns all along with the idea.

But, whether you love all of these ideas or hate every single one of them – this is where a lot of work and development money goes. Best to at least track where all of that is going.